Monday, July 21, 2008

JJJ Was Right - Spider-Menace Uncovered!

He's been saying it for years, but we never really listened.

Beat by beat, Spider-Man's fight against a C-list villain on a school bus in the latest Amazing Spider-Man (written by Mark Guggenheim):

The armed villain Overdrive (with the power to super-'pimp' rides) has boarded the bus full of innocent school kids after Spidey thwarted his escape.

Spider-Man approaches with caution -- by kicking through the bus' rear window:
Glass shards are obviously flying in all directions - but Spidey is apparently too focused on the villain to care about the kids' safety. The baddie eventually kicks him out of the bus and continues his escape.

Spidey has learned a valuable lesson, so he re-approaches the bus - this time punching through the front window - just in case he didn't cut all the kids on the first go.

So he punches in, shards flying everywhere again, wrestles the sonic boom gun from the villain, and turns it towards the kids, shooting to make EVERY window in the bus explode on the kids - who are probably too busy having their eardrums burst or the bodies crushed from the boom to care at this point.

For the grand finish, yes, he does indeed get the kids to jump out of the moving bus, onto a hastily thrown web-bag skidding on the asphalt; finally, he throws the sack-o'-kids out of the moving vehicle so he can focus on his escaping baddie...


Source: Amazing Spider-Man #564
(Marvel Comics)

"We're sorry Spidey, you'll need to follow us to the station"


Mirela said...


While reading the issues, I didnt realise for A SECOND how dangerous the whole thing was for the kiddies...!!!

Mirela = ideal dumb Quesada-mandated Spiderman reader????

Manolis Vamvounis said...

hey, that's what we're here for :)