Friday, July 25, 2008

Sandman 20th Anniversary Poster

My retailer Haroon from Travelling Man Manchester surprised me pleasantly today by giving me this amazing just-released poster, when he saw I ordered the new Death II T-shirt. (thanks Haroon, LOVE you :) )

The poster is an enormous fold-out jam session featuring most every major character from the Sandman mythos, with art by almost every artist who has contributed in the historic series. The image I've posted (courtesy of New York Entertainment) has a cheat-sheet attached, but it's fun to play 'spot the artist with your geek friends; all of these modern masters have utterly distinct styles - like my favourite artist Mike Allred who started his career on the title, and beloved artists like Jill Thompson, Bucky, Peter Gross, D'Israeli, Bryan Talbot, Kevin Nowlan, Marc Hempel, Shawn McManus, Teddy Kristiansen, Sam Kieth, Dean Ormston, P. Craig Russel, Charles Vess (boy, I never realised how Sandman ultimately shaped my taste in comic book art) -, making for a fun challenge.

I'm in the mood for cracking open the Absolute Sandman volumes and having a bit of a reminisce...

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