Monday, July 21, 2008

Panel of the Week Voting Weeks 24-26 2008

Hulk's Kung-Fu was Strongest One there is indeed last week, making it out over the competition by a narrow margin in a slow voting week. Don't forget to forward a copy of the column to your friends this week!

It was hard to keep to a handful of panels this week, lots of favourites from both Marvel and DC:

Panel A
Robots Wet Dream - Justice League of America #22 (DC Comics)

Panel B
Greek Lover - She-Hulk #30 (Marvel Comics)

Panel C
Bat-Calibre - DC/Wildstorm: Dream War #3 (Wildstorm Comics)

Panel D
Johnny Storm, French Maid - Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #30 (Marvel Comics)

Panel E
Hulk No Like Peeping Toms - Hulk #4 (Marvel Comics)

Panel F
Hulk No Like Smurfs Either - Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #30 (Marvel Comics)

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