Friday, December 11, 2009

#11 of the 00s - Scissor Sisters

Even just for Baby Daddy the proudest bear pop icon, even just for 'the Other Side' one of the most haunting ballads, even just for 'Take Your Mama' and 'Filthy Gorgeous' and their -fuck'em let's dance and have fun- attitude.

11. Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters

There's lovers in the backseat
Jealous glances now I'm looking for another song
On the radio
I'll take you to a side street
In the shadows you can touch one another now
And I'll just watch the show


Gonna take your mama out all night
Yeah we'll show her what it's all about
We'll get her jacked up on some cheap champagne
We'll let the good times all roll out
And if the music ain't good, well it's just too bad
We're gonna sing along no matter what
Because the dancers don't mind at the New Orleans
If you tip 'em and they make a cut


Cause you're filthy Oooh, and I'm gorgeous
You're disgusting Oooh, and you're nasty
And you can grab me oooh, cause you're nasty


Won't you just tell Baby Daddy,
I'm gonna need his love.
Why don't you give me he love?


If it takes another life
I'll wait for you
On the other side
Everything that comes to me
As good
Belongs to you
I'll count our blessings as I
Wait for you
On the other side
Good luck and I will see you through

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