Tuesday, December 08, 2009

#13 of the 00s - Franz Ferdinand

You can fall in love for the simplest of reasons, you can you can feel a passion that could ignite whole cities, you can let your heart go on the dance floor. Let loose and feel with the strength you used to, the foolish way they tell you about. And if you get hurt, well there's other albums for that.

13. Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand
/ You Could Have It So Much Better / Tonight

Eyes, boring a way through me
Paralyse, controlling completely
Now there is a fire in me
A fire that burns

This fire is out of control
I'm going to burn this city
Burn this city


So Sexy, I'm sexy
So come and dance with me Michael

Michael you're the only one I ever want only one I ever want only one I ever want
Beautiful boys on a beautiful dance floor
Michael you're dancing like a beautiful dance-whore
Michael waiting on a Silver platter now
And nothing matters now


It's always better on holiday
So much better on holiday
That's why we only work when
We need the money

Gregor was down again
Said come on, kick me again
Said i'm so drunk
I don't mind if you kill me
Come on you gutless
I'm alive
I'm alive
I'm alive
And how i know it
But for chips and for freedom
I could die

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