Wednesday, December 02, 2009

#19 of the 00s - The Gift

Music fabric that covers the walls of my head and my home and takes me back to Lisbon. The English-speaking Portuguese band is Portugal's best musical export outside the traditional fado music of Mariza and the international darlings Madredeus.

19. The Gift - Film / AM FM / Facil d'Entender

Even I'm gone, I know you will be fine
I'm sure we'll pick a new film
Next time don't smile

You care but you don't know when
You drink but you don't know why
You drive but you don't know where
You want but you don't know how


Maybe I will find you in another place
Maybe I will find you with somebody else

Keep breathing and join the carrousel
Stop breathing pretend a pantomine
Keep breathing today we woke up blue
Stop breathing perhaps we lay down dark
Keep breathing I'm trying to get some sleep
Stop breathing allow me to repeat


I tried to kill those ghosts inside of me
That voice you spoke is yelling in my ears
And I don't believe in love fools...

I'd like to have those eyes you want to kiss
Wishing something
I wish I had that voice you want to hear

You and I know
You and I try
You and I run
Leaving old stories far behind

And it feels good
And it's so warm
Having those eyes
Playing with me, myself and I...


Give me please, five minutes of everything

The clock won't stop
And even if it stops
Five minutes of love
Five minutes of hate
Five minutes I try to call your name
Of passion
Five minutes of everything
Of everything
Maybe you want to talk about old questions
Right next to my ear
But I don't care about those silly things
Cause all I need is five minutes of everything


It's because I met you
It's because I'm here
It's because I felt you
It's because I'm near

That's the reason why
You don't have to go
The reason that I adore you
You know

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