Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Advance Review: Amazing Spider-Man #543

Writer: J. M. Straczynski
Artist: Ron Garney
Inker: Bill Reinhold
Marvel Comics

Yes, the scene on the cover DOES take place inside this comic. And without wanting to give away too much, I wouldn't rush to my store on Wednesday to make sure I got the collector's issue of Aunt May's second death to put on ebay. Most. Misleading. Cover. Since-that-Uncanny-X-Men -one-by-Joe-Casey-where- Logan-was-kissing-Jean-Grey- and-grabbing-her-booty

Aunt May is still hospitalized, Peter is still emo about it, and the police finally wise up and pay Dear Sick May a visit. JMS pushes Peter to his limits here, driving him over the edge by having him confront the real consequences and significance of his outlaw status. Ron Garney finally eases in the artistic seat of the title (too little too late?), establishing mood and emotions with the simplest details.

It would have been sob-worthy and a tissue-thon, if not for the jarring annoying geek voice in my head SCREAMING that Mary Jane was already a famous super-model and a Hollywood actress before her husband became the most famous face on television with his unmasking. Yet she parades around pretending to be Jane Average 'Mary Riley' without anyone making the connection, and Peter himself goes 'undercover' as a nurse leaving his face uncovered, again without anyone noticing. Peter David wisely gave him an image inducer to project his Ben Reilly persona for school, why not use it here?

PAD again did a better job dealing with both the repercussions of Peter's unmasking (actually acknowledging and using his extended supporting cast), and with his anger state. The Black Costume of course still feels exactly like it is: a cheap marketing ploy/tie-in to the movie.

Grade: 5/10

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