Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wedding Bells for Skott Kurtz...

...'s characters Jade and Brent Sienna!

The past few weeks of daily PvP strips have been building up to this moment in today's strip, as Brent finally proposes to Jade, wrapping up a plot set during the recent San Diego Comics Convention.

Brent had decided to propose to his long-time sweetheart Jade, but of course wanted to make a stupidly-big deal out of the proposal. So he has her abducted by StormTroopers, dressed in a Princess Leia get-up (not the slave girl one, no), while he plans to burst in the scene as Han Solo (well, as Luke at first, but that game got called off on account of incest), save the day and ask her to be his wife.

Of course everything back-fired, leading to a month-long epic. To folow the whole story start here and read towards the big Question in today's strip.

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