Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gaytime Soap Opera!

So apparently, nearing the end of 2007, after so much progress has been made in the 'gay issues', there still hadn't been an on-screen gay kiss during a day-time soap opera!

Well not until today over at 'As The World Turns'!

I found out the news clip today, but I had to double-check on google to make sure that they didn't have the year wrong. 2007. Really now, guys. Glad you caught up with the rest of the world, ms Soap.

I have no idea what this soap is about, who the characters are, what's their history and why they're kissing, , but I'm still content they are. You go boys! If you're curious, go read the details from someone who does know.

At least that's over and done with, history has been written, daytime tv has been thoroughly conquered and queerified, we can move on to bigger, flashier and more ambitious goals. Can you say 'Pink House'?


Tom Daylight said...

Only in America. The soap opera kissing gays have been around in the UK since the 1980s.

Manolis Vamvounis said...

in daytime soaps? can u give me more info?

I know British society is more open-minded, although it took hem longer to embrace civil partnerships... I'm still amazed at how many mothers join their sons with their boyfriends out in the gay village for drinks...

Tom Daylight said...

Depends what you mean by "daytime"... 8pm good enough for you? If so, we had Brookside in the 1980s, then Eastenders in the 1980s (which I think was repeated on a Sunday lunchtime as well). Hollyoaks probably did it in the 1990s (it's certainly done it this year) and Coronation Street (7:30pm, repeated on mornings and afternoons), despite revelling in its perception as the "campest" show on television, didn't get around to including a single gay character until 2003, and there was lots of kissing there. There was also an unusually excellent storyline a couple of years ago in Neighbours (Australian) about a girl who was attracted to Sky, kissing her several times (Sky was straight but they were best friends by the end of it all).

Manolis Vamvounis said...


Rich gay TV history here :)

Meanwhile, in Greece, Queer As Folk is sentenced to the 4am timezone and the only on-screen gay kiss in a drama, aired after 11pm was met with a huge fine from the TV-Radio Council and removed from subsequent repeats of the episode. And the two men became straight by the end of the series.

Tom Daylight said...

Actually come to think of it we had a gay kiss in a children's show as well - Byker Grove in the early 1990s. (There are probably others, but that's the one people talk about.)

Manolis Vamvounis said...

a children's show?