Thursday, August 23, 2007

Interview of the year! Booster Gold breaks his silence (sic)

Over at Newsarama, Vaneta Rogers interviews BOOSTER GOLD and his flying saucer sidekick SKEETS about his new monthly series from DC!

Yes, that's right, she interviews the character (with a little help from Geoff Johns as the end credits reveal)

It's not a wholly original idea, but Booster Gold is surely the most appropriate character for this sort of thing, especially taking into consideration the no-publicity edict inside the story of his new series. Booster cracks jokes, reminisces for lost friends, tries out some funnies and gets busted by his boss.

Reading is believing.
A small excerpt:

Newsarama: Booster, it’s been a long time since you had your own series. Why do you think now's the time for people to notice you again?

BOOSTER: Why should people notice me? I died and came back! That’s how everyone gets a jump on things today, right? Superman. Hal Jordan. Oliver Queen. And if you think Steve Rogers isn’t waiting it out in some ice cube somewhere with a smile on his face, thinking about his big “comeback,” I’ve got a Time Sphere to sell you.

SKEETS: Sir, technically you never died.

BOOSTER: Well, yeah, technically. It was part of the plan when I helped Rip save the 52 --

SKEETS: Sir. Rip Hunter is going to read this.

BOOSTER: Oh, right. Terrific. Great. “Hi, Rip! How’s that rash?” Oh, did I ask that out loud? Sorry, Rip.

NRAMA: You’ve always claimed to be a heroic yet unrecognized figure. If you’re truly that heroic, what’s keeping you from being one of the greatest members of the Justice League?

BOOSTER: Hey, hey, hey, Vaneta! Let’s get this cleared up right now. They did ask me to join them. I said, “NO.” (laughs) You should’ve seen Batman’s face. And Superman. They couldn’t believe it, but I’ve got things to do, girls to woo, money to make.

SKEETS: Actually, Superman appeared relieved. As did Red Arrow. And Black Lightning. And Flash and Black Canary.

BOOSTER: They didn’t all –

SKEETS: Geo-Force did appear upset. I think he was looking forward to having someone less liked on the team than him.

BOOSTER: Once again, thank you, Skeets.

SKEETS: Here to help, sir.

NRAMA: Wait, you turned down membership in the Justice League? You’re not claiming now that you’re better than Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, are you?

BOOSTER: Better? No. No way. Unless not wearing underwear on the outside of my pants makes me better.

SKEETS: According to my historical records, in the year 2923 a finalized list of the top heroes of history is made. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman top that list.

NRAMA: Where does Booster Gold fall?

SKEETS: Just below Geo-Force.

BOOSTER: Next quest –

SKEETS: Oh! And I appear to be ranked 14th. How delightful.

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