Saturday, December 18, 2010

#3 of 2010

some things you can't explain, they just click for you, they creep up inside your life, bit by bit, undetectable-- is it some of the words, is it the sound, the music, will it help if you play it backwards, will you be able to explain why you must repeat and repeat and repeat the same tracks from the moment you get up till you fall asleep, still humming them as you do?
when I started my rough draft for the top 20 albums for #blogovision, Interpol was a *maybe* for #17-18, but day by day it still persisted in my daily OCD-fueled elimination drama. Every day it was on the chopping block, but still I saved it for a better spot. and here we are today, I could only barely constrain myself to keep them from the two higher spots. and I still can't explain.

All that I seek...

please police me
I want you to police me
but keep it clean

#3. Interpol - Interpol

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