Thursday, December 16, 2010

#5 of 2010

it's a movie soundtrack featuring the songs from the movie based on the comic book, performed -and credited to- the bands in the movie, and the songs that inspired the comic book characters that make up the band that perform in the movie. straightforward? also, fun. energetic. youthful. trashy. the best adaptation of a comic on screen and the best adaptation of songs to fit the mood of the comic and the characters. the songs becoming the characters as much as the actors are. confused yet?

Beck writes the songs performed by Scott and his band (Sex Bob-omb, of course), Broken Social Scene perform as Crash & the Boys (with the fan-fave 0,7 seconds long sad, so very sad track) and Metric with the Clash at Demonhead's "Black Sheep", the track that has burned a hole in my ipod this year with its seductive, mean-spirited, ex-from-hell, sexy-as-heck opening:

Hello again- friend of a friend- I knew you when-our common goal- was waiting for- the world to end-

#5. Scott Pilgrim vs The World - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Ε, να μην νιώθω μόνος!