Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#6 of 2010

half-way through the 7-and-a-half minute long quietly-melancholic "Our Love (or how we lost it)" Monika's voice starts to rise in fury, anger, desperation. and the music suddenly follows suit and explodes into a chaotic, uncontrollable drums tantrum, covering everything in dust and smoke -- and then subsides, with the last few of the disparate falling piano keys bouncing off the ground. six seconds of deathly, mournful, silent, nothing. and then -- her voice, whispering... God, I miss you... a soft murmur, and a heavy unliftable tear-filled sob from deep inside, a sigh that crushes your heart like a mountain of sorrow and regret.
Every time she plays this song in concert she provides an introduction, this is a song she wrote for herself, one she likes to play alone in her living room on quiet afternoons. a song about love, and losing it, a memory with music and words and, when there's no more need or space for them, without.

#6. Monika - Exit

cause every time I sing, I do it for you

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