Friday, December 17, 2010

#4 of 2010

Toph (="Trouble Over Tokyo") is insane enough to release his third album as a book. a cd with a hardbound lyrics book and commentary. or a poem collection as an audiobook? or a novel with a soundtrack? or... whatever-- something amazing.

a collection of personal experiences and emotions, refined to 12 songs-poems-stories-letters---storms. at the heart of each storm, each tiny hurricane, something terribly personal and vulnerable but universal and crushing, strong. or maybe I'm talking too much again. I'll sure be swept away

We, we know what we're doing
We know it can unleash dogs
We know it can break us
But we fight, we fight all the boundaries
We fight it with rule breaking
We fight it with mistaking

We keep saying that it's enough
To start fires that can't be touched
And flames flicker
Flames, flames flicker
The flames flicker and the fire gets bigger

#4. Trouble Over Tokyo - Hurricane

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