Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Roundtable 2007: Presents Under the Tree

Manolis: The Fourth Wall breaks, just in time for Christmas, and long enough for you to give a special Christmas present to one of your characters. Who's the lucky sod and what is he/she going away with?

Paul Cornell: I'd give Pete Wisdom Kitty Pryde's e-mail address

Cecil Castellucci: I think this year it's Brain Jayne and I'm going to go the the star registry and get a star in the night sky named named after her

Cliff Chiang: Doctor 13! He gets a copy of Doctor 13: Architecture & Mortality, so HE can be the one to turn that last page…

Nate Cosby: Merry Christmas, Cyclops. Here's a personality.

Jason Aaron: If I wanted to be a nice guy, I'd give Dash Bad Horse from SCALPED a free psychiatrist evaluation and maybe some anger management classes. But if I did that, I'd have no story, so better luck next year, Dash

Nicola Scott: Barbara Gordon. I'd give her the key to The Jokers cell at Arkham. To, um... spread Christmas cheer

Mike Carey: Okay, this year I'd like to give a bit of Christmas cheer to Sam Guthrie - Cannonball. He'll be spending Christmas in the infirmary at the Xavier Academy, recovering from injuries sustained while fighting the Marauders, and you know that's got to suck. So I'm sending him a pair of socks and a polyester tie - but with a bottle of good bourbon tucked way down at the bottom of the Christmas stocking. To quote from Are You Being Served? (not something I do very often) "Ho ho ho, little boy - have I got a surprise for you..."

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