Friday, December 28, 2007

Green Arrow / Black Canary #3

...a story in pictures.

DC warns: 'The action in this issue will make you crap your pants!'

Last we saw them, Black Canary and the Arrows had travelled to Themyscira (Amazon Island) to save Green Arrow. The Amazons had replaced GA with mr plot device: the shapeshifter Everyman, and then had him commit suicide in order to get the grieving Black Canary to renounce men and join the Amazons.


This being Judd Winnick, he of course chose to 'enrich' the plot with a deeper meaning to flesh out the characters:

Amazon villainess cackling out about her evil plot:

Black Canary, asking the obvious question any self-respecting super-heroine would have formed in this situation:

Gee, Dinah, self-obsessed much?

Anyway, the Amazons didn't actually kill GA, but only kept him locked up on the island, while inviting Canary to pass the tests to join their ranks.


This of course leads to a succesful rescue attempt and a boat getaway and reunion. Again Judd Winnick knows how to bring out the best out of the characters in such an emotionally charged situation:

The conclusions are yours.

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Anonymous said...

People once thought I was mad when I said that Judd Winick couldn't write a superhero story without sex jokes...