Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Roundtable 2007: Santa's Gone

Manolis: Santa has gone missing, and you need to choose one comics character to replace him in time for Christmas. Who do you choose, and why?

Cecil Castellucci: I think it's Theater Jane. She's got the costume know how and the Ho Ho Ho in her to pull off a fabulous christmas. Besides, she's also got all the other Janes and James to help her out by becoming her Christmas Elves. And they'll totally do it. They'll totally all save Christmas.

Cliff Chiang: Frank Miller. Wait, you mean he's real?

Paul Cornell: Superman would surely be able to do Santa's job, perhaps better. But he'd tell Batman that he was sure he could get the job done equally well

Nate Cosby: Oh, no doubt Bobby Drake. The Bobby knows what it takes to make EVERYbody happy (especially the ladies). The Bobby can shoot straight down everyone's chimney (cuz he's so skinny and can ice up to avoid burns) and leave sweet frisbees and sleds. And when the kids check the freezer the next morning, there's 1/10th scale models of The Bobby made out of ice!!!

Heidi McDonald: Milk and Cheese. They will get the job done

Jason Aaron: MODOK. 'Cause I'm evil like that

Nicola Scott: Misfit. She's a teleporter so would get the job done quickly. Though she's likely to get everyones gifts wrong, she'd look pretty cute/ridiculous in Santa's coat and boots.

Tom Brevoort: Wolverine. Because he can be everywhere all at once, and he's the best there is at what he does

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