Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Roundtable 2007


Continuing our annual tradition, LYS@D welcomes ten of my favourite comics people for a festive roundtable. Find out who is punching in for Santa this year, what presents are waiting under the tree for their favourite characters and what's the best x-mas present for our young comics readers! For the last three Christmas Roundtables check out these links: 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003

Thanks to: Mike Carey, Cecil Castellucci, Tom Brevoort, Jason Aaron, Cliff Chiang, Nate Cosby, Christos Gage, Heidi MacDonald, Paul Cornell and Nicola Scott!


Mike Carey : the cornerstone of our holiday festivities for a fifth year running, and our site's lucky charm! He's the fan-favourite writer-of-all-trades, juggling X-Men, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Crossing Midnight, Voodoo Child, Minx graphic novels and his own prose novel line, and still finding time for his fans!

Cecil Castellucci : the geek celebrity: novelist, indie rocker, and film director who made her comics debut with the Minx launch book the PLAIN Janes, to highest critic and fan praise!

Cliff Chiang : the lucky recipient of last year's prestigious (sic) Nexus Award for Best Artist, for his work on the Spectre and Doctor 13. This year he's just relaunched Green Arrow/Black Canary with writer Judd Winnick and hi star is only just rising!

Paul Cornell : another successful comics acquisition from a different genre, a succesful writer on the Dr Who british Tv series and a successful novelist. This year he made heads turn with his work on Marvel's Wisdom series, and he's only just getting started!

Nate Cosby : one half of the fan-favourite Marvel Comics editorial team with Mark Paniccia (another X-Mas Roundtable alumni), their books are synonymous with FUN. Only this past year they've given us the thrill-a-minute series World War Hulk, MODOK's 11, and the Marvel Adventures books!

Heidi McDonald : the most popular comics blogger with the daily 'the Beat' and co-editor of Publishers Weekly's Comics section, Heidi has constantly been a force in the comics community, ever since her days as one of Vertigo's most prominent editors.

Christos Gage : the writer with his hand in most jars, Christos has been won over by comics after his beginnings as a screenwriter. This year alone he's relaunched Stormwatch: PHD and Authority: Prime, written World War Hulk: X-Men, House of M: Avengers and is currently involved in almost the entire Wildstorm line! Plus, you know, he's Greek!

Jason Aaron : after Vertigo's critic darling 'The Other Side', Aaron made his big bang with new ongoing series 'Scalped', leading to new ongoing writing stints on Marvel's Wolverine and Ghost Rider!

Nicola Scott : the powerhouse who finally quickly became the perfect fit for DC's Birds of Prey with writer Gail Simone, and wowed fans with her realistic and powerful portrayal of the company's superheroine community.

Tom Brevoort : needs no introduction as Marvel's veteran editor and head editor on the industry's best-selling titles!




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