Thursday, December 17, 2009

#4 of the 00s: Monika

There are two hard-to-believe facts about Monika that take people by surprise after they've listened to one of her songs.

She is Greek. She is 21 years old at the time of recording her album, Avatar, with her own music and lyrics and vocals and orchestrations.

She is yet another of these choices I connect with my friend 'Bibas-san' and with my ex partner. Bill is the friend who sent me Monika's album when I was living in Manchester more than a year ago, and was out of sync with any current trends in Greece when Monika was already starting to make waves, and Paul the person I connected to these songs, listening to them together and marveling at her talent and her expressive emotional voice that could never betray her age and, well, location. I keep seeing her out but always forget to give her Paul's admiration. :)

4. Monika - Avatar

Why, tell me why
You don't call me anymore
Don't you want me anymore

Black, it's all black
It's the colour of my heart
It's the colour of my eyes

But I'm here
Yes, I'm here
Everybody seems to mean so much
Everybody seems to think I'm fine


Hey, hey, hey, it's weird
My friends are coming
I will reveal them all the things I used to hide
Cause I've got pieces in my soul
And a lover in my heart I can't deny
This bloody something
That freaks me out until the night makes me say "I love you"


Babe, don’t worry, babe
You know that I can love you more than this
No, oh please don’t go
This world is asking for a happy couple married
Married and then bored

You have never loved me like the way I do
It was summer, more than any truth
You have never called me just to hear my voice

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