Wednesday, December 16, 2009

#5 of the 00s: Roisin Murphy

Dedicated to my most excellent super ex, and that f'in awesome night in Manchester Academy with Roisin chaning outfits on stage at frenetic pace and getting into a moon-fueled Bacchian frenzy on stage. Damn the Irish and their talent. The absolutely mad and fabulous, Roisin Murphy (whose name I still can't properly pronounce), in her second personal studio album.

5. Roisin Murphy - Overpowered

You're dating my daughter
The chromosomes match
Exact doesn't matter
A matter of fact

These amoring feelings
A cognitive state
Need the love object
To reciprocate

When I think that I'm over you
I'm overpowered
It's long overdue
I'm overpowered


I turn the other way
I could never turn you down
You turn me on
Don't speak out every meaning
I don't belong to you
Like you don't belong to me
So don't hold on too tightly

So let me know when you're lonely babe


From the primordial soup
Out of the dim and the bloom we came
We are animal
By any other name

I know what you're searching for
I pray that you find it
on the instinct
I, I don't need you hurtin boy


Tell everybody you're my baby
Tell everybody we're not fading
Tell everybody no ifs or maybes
No, no, no
Tell everybody I'm your lady
Tell everybody it's not changing
Tell everybody you're still my baby
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Footprints in the morning snow
You've got me rocking like an echo, echo
Fresher than the daisy eaves
It drives me crazy when you play me this


You know me better than I know myself

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