Friday, October 26, 2007

Vote for Panel of the Week 26.10.07

Each week I'll be posting the 3-4 most memorable panels from the week and putting them up for a public week-long vote. The winning panels gets posted on the sidebar and earns boasting privileges over lesser panels...

Last week Joss Whedon's teen cyborg dreamer won fair and square against meander competition with a solid 45% of total votes!

This week, we finally get juicier competition, and 4 candidate panels, as Marvel ups the ante over DC:

Panel A

Hulk Bored (Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #29)

Panel B
Marvel Zombies Eat Ego (Marvel Zombies 2 #1)

Panel C

Hellcat Claw Puny Phone (Marvel comics Presents #2)

Panel D

DC kick gay characters (Countdown #28)


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