Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Survivor China s15e05

Romance and Sabotage!

Birds are a-tweeting in each camp:

James and the Ogre! (Denise)

He actually finds her attractive? I can see how they match wits, but talk about redneck love!

Eric the Virgin? Damn it was about time he revealed what was special about him to get him chosen! And now he's earned his nickname. Mr Nice Guy all the way!

Jaime and Eric, sitting in a lake, k-i-s-yadda-yadda-bling. She's totally using his soft emo ass.

Now that Velentine's is over, cue in the surprise twist!

Two members from each tribe switch over to the other. For good?

Now that's more like it, put an early kibosh into everyone's scheming. Of course they all go for each team's strongest, but that's not where things stop being interesting.

Jaime and P-G should be crowned Queens of Survivor, right here and now! The take a twist and twist it even more, all the way back around to their best interests. Seeing as how their tribe has 3 old and 2 new, they decide to throw the next immunity challenges to get rid of the newcomers and head into the merger even-numbered with the other -original- tribe. Twist-errific!

The twist cleverly comes after a series of strictly brawn challenges, to give an advantage to the schemers, as it clearly requires them to throw the challenge in order to win. At this point only one tribe figured this out. I wonder if Todd realises what Jaime and P-G are about, will he tell his tribesmen? Will we have a challenge next week where both teams are trying to throw the match? ;)

James and Aaron are helpless in this new scheme of things, as all they've got left is their frustration; now they wait to get voted off. One of them keeps his cool against impossible odds, the other one caves in and plays Judas. But they're both helpless against the tide. At least one kept his dignity.

Aaron, you poor misguided fool. A sad sight to see him just give up and side with the opposition, without even telling them. Weak.

Quote of the day: My brain hurts - James

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