Sunday, October 21, 2007

Radio Music Piracy killed the Video Star

A video fairytale with a didactic core. Starring a pop queen, a thieving sorcerer, a band of trovadours, and the court Jester who couldn't keep his mouth shut.

The ingredients of this little story, in video:

Music, is quite good, 'Clocks' from Coldplay

Piracy, is of Greek origin, 'Thelo Na Se Do' (I want to see you), from Despina Vandi, 'composed' by Greece's #1 music man, Foivos

Start playing the videos, and do a bit of mixing, see if you can Spot The Difference.

This is where the Video Star, or VJ, comes in.

Guy Krief is a French-Greek who has been making waves with his part off-beat, part brain-dead way of presenting a music show, on Greek TV's #1 (or is that 'only'?) music channel, MAD TV. Last week, he decided to push his luck, by commenting on the newly released Foivos song, and presenting a mix clip comparing it to Coldplay.

The Kill? That came after the show's end, with Foivos and the company Heaven, 'allegedly', calling in the station, causing havoc and giving Guy the ax for his (=their) sins. Guy's show Ninja TV was never seen again and the young VJ (the second most popular presenter on the station after the actual manager) was laid off.

After this, feel free to make your own conclusions; I'm feeling too happy this morning to get into Freedom of Expression, Media Hypocrisy and Survival of the Most Profitable.

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