Monday, October 22, 2007

Survivor China s15e02

Immunity challenge this week? Giant ball mud-wrestling which quickly descends into dirty clothes-pulling and a Roman Orgy in mud. Yum.

Leslie, you're an idiot! You tell Todd the RAT-twink, the secret immunity clue? You TELL him? You don't go there and negotiate some sort of alliance, you don't ask for anything in return ,you only GIVE it to him. The individual immunity clue. Why? Because you're stupid, and he's smart. You pretty much concede to that, sweetie. Buh-bye

Speaking of the infiltration, what a wasted opportunity. You get sent into the opposing team's camp, without any rules or restrictions, and you spend your time making nice and braiding each other's hair? Then you hug and say goodbye? Is anyone's mind in the game? You don't make friends on your time in the enemy camp. You pretend to fall asleep and then get up in the middle of the night, you wreck their fireplace, you tear down their beds and you break their fishing gear in half. You have been given NO restrictions to play nice.


Ashley is voted off this week, and it's sad to see her go. Because you were so right sweetie, and you do look the most awesome of the bunch! Still, it's Rat-Twink for the win, all the way! No personal grudges, m'kay?

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